Mani Casadona

  NewTown, Kolkata


  • Future Friendly Business Destination
  • 593 - 1057 sq. ft.
  • 26.68 - 47.65 Lakhs

    Luxuriant offices, vibrant spaces
    Mani Casadona is a Green Building. That means Mani Casadona will use less water, optimise energy efficiency, conserve natural resources and generate less waste to provide healthier spaces for its occupants. Studies of workers in green buildings have reported productivity gains and improved work quality. So look forward to making the most of your business at Mani Casadona.

    Nature at Casadona
    Mani Casadona is an idyllic realm with a captivating charm. With more than 70% verdant open spaces, the complex is rich in the green quotient. So much so, that this space engages the senses and encourages interaction between humans and nature.
    A collection of native flora creates a feast of colour and fragrance within the complex. Summer brings alive the cheerful yellows and reds of Amaltas (Indian laburnum) and Krishnachura (Gulmohar). Along with the rains come the purple, white and pink blossoms of the lagerstroemias. Autumn, winter and spring bring with them the enchantment of Chorisias, Pink Tabebuias, Bottlebrush, Calliandras Kachnar, Tesu and the Yellow Trumpet Tree. Meanwhile the Champak, Gandharaj, Motia, Jasmine and Parijat fill the air with their mild fragrance to create perfect moods for all occasions.

  • FOUNDATION: RC foundation resting on cast-in-situ reinforced concrete bored piles complying with IS-2911
  • SUPERSTRUCTURE:Reinforced concrete framed structure using minimum M30 grade concrete complying with IS-456 and Fe 500 steel reinforcement complying with IS-1786
  • FLOOR TO FLOOR HEIGHT:4.20 metres
  • WALLS: Reinforced concrete roof with appropriate waterproofing and proper insulation system
  • ULTIMATE ROOF:Reinforced concrete roof with appropriate waterproofing and proper insulation system
  • CEILING:Offices: Bare Staircases and services areas: Will be provided with fire control doors Toilet: Salwood/certified wood door frame with 35mm thick flush shutters having commercial faced inners painted with white enamel paint with bathroom latch
  • PLUMBING AND WATER MANAGEMENT:Gravity flow system for water distribution with GI/CPVC pipes
  • TOILET FINISH AND FIXTURES: Walls: Ceramic/vitrified tiles Floor: Ceramic/vitrified tiles
  • ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: Office space and retail (Electrification): From the main LT switchboard power shall be distributed through rising mains of adequate capacity with tap off in each floor for each rising main at individual floor electrical room for UPS, lighting, raw power and AHU. A tap off provision with panel/electrical distribution box shall be provided at electrical room in each floor with provision of prepaid energy meter. Office space and retail (Telecommunication): 5/10 pair of telephone cable for every 1000 sq ft of built up area will be provided for offices and terminated in telephone tag block located in each floor within the shaft or in the basement Toilet and common areas: Concealed electrical wiring with Fire Retardent Low Smoke (FRLS) electrolytic copper conductors and light fixtures
  • WATER PROOFING: Water proofing to floors of toilet, planter boxes, terraces, fire refuge platforms and roof
  • DRIVEWAY: Reinforced concrete slab with hardener to fire tender access, car park, car park ramp/driveway Stone and/or paver block and/or bituminous compound Greeneries at designated places around driveway
  • AIR CONDITIONING: Efficient air-conditioning system with water cooled/air cooled chillers. Office space and retail: Central air-conditioning facility Office and retail areas will be provided with the high side of chilled water system with BTU meters installed in floors AHUs and lowside distribution will be on lessee's scope Entry lobby: Fully air-conditioned
  • POWER AND BACKUP: 24x7 power 100% power backup of built up area for offices and retail Instant change over between mains and auto synchronised DG set using PLC system
  • SAFETY AND SECURITY:24x7 vigilance facility with CCTV cameras and Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID)
  • BUILDING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM:Building automation software: Software/IP based Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) system automation, PHE system automation, STP system automation, elevator monitoring, toilet exhaust monitoring, basement exhaust fan monitoring Tenant billing and energy management: Software enabled efficient tenant energy billing system with installed prepaid energy meters for electrical supply, BTU meters for chilled water supply and water-meter for water supply (BMS)

Food Court
The Mani Group has made popular two very stylish food courts at the Mani Square Mall, Kolkata and the Pink Square Mall, Jaipur. The 30,000 sq ft food court in Mani Square with seating arrangement over 650 guests has emerged as a very attractive hangout and fashionable eating destination in Kolkata. Similarly, ‘Chatori’, the multi-cuisine food court in Pink Square, Jaipur spread over 29000+ sq ft with a seating capacity of more than 450 guests at a time, attracts huge footfalls. The food court at Mani Casadona too promises to be a big attraction with ample seating capacity and delicious fare.

The Parking Block is 5 stories high with a basement. This multi-level parking facility makes sure that workers and visitors at Mani Casadona do not have to bear the stress of finding parking space every time they come here. The parking space inside the complex includes 10 parking lots for shared vehicles and 20 parking spaces for visitor’s vehicles.

The complex brings with it state-of-the-art security features to maximise safety measures

  • CCTV installed at strategic locations
  • Advanced Fire Fighting & Monitoring System in all buildings as per NBC/Authority recommendations.
  • Controlled Access System
  • Controlled and separated vehicular movement for Bus, SUVs and cars
  • Card access at gate
  • Boom barrier
Other Facilities
Mani Casadona not only incorporates style and luxury but also brings with it some amazing modern facilities that add value to its functionality. Here’s a list of all the facilities at Mani Casadona that make it the perfect commercial complex.
  • Eco-friendly campus
  • Covered walkway
  • Food court
  • 5 storey multi-level car park (MLCP)
  • Cortile–the terrace garden at the MLCP with cafeteria
  • Visitors car parking
  • Landscaping with water feature
  • Amphitheatre
  • Central lawn
  • Verve–the Club with Blue Chip–the banquet, Bounce–the gymnasium and games room, Power Point–the business centre, Megabite–the café, restaurant and bar, Interface– the meeting rooms, Plunge– the swimming pool, Rhapsody– the serviced apartments, and badminton, tennis and basketball courts

Site Plan
Lower Basement Plan
Upper Basement Plan
Ground Floor Plan
1st Floor Plan
2nd Floor Plan
3rd & 4th Floor Plan
5th Floor Plan
6th & 7th Floor Plan
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11th, 13th & 14th Floor Plan
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